Welcome to Restaurant Brasil

Capacabana, Rio, Pele, Capirinha, Moquecas...at just hearing the names you desire this south American country intensely. Brazil gains more and more popularity in Europe. More and more people are looking for a good Brazilian food.

Let it inspire you, You will see that 'its sets you on fire'. With a Unforgettable moment of Your life.

Specialist for Business & Family Dinners!

A restaurant that has been true to this trend (good service and quality food ) form 1989 in Ghent, RESTAURANT BRASIL, serving quality Brazilian en Belgium food.

You don't have to sit in a plane for a day to taste some Brazilian delicacies. Just take a seat in the middle ages basement, lain in the middle of the heart of city center Gent ( 3 churches van Gent ) and enjoy the fusion of Brazilian en Belgian Kitchen. The chef ( Jasbir Singh ), was working in this restaurant as a Chef Since 1999, new owner since 2004 always put his effort to satisfy his client with his mouth watering dish. In the menus, you will find traditional Brazilian dishes & delicious suggestions that change with the seasons.

For the fish lovers among us, there is a variety of dishes with Royal cod, monk-fish, giant shrimps, grated crab and If you are a meat lover, there is no need to worry. Brazilian Kitchen is known for the delicious meat that's prepared in it, dishes including filet of lamb, beef, pork, sausages etc are served as well.

We do not just give you a Brazilian dish which can find anywhere, we fuse together the essence of Brazilian food with the panache of the French kitchen. More famous are the cocktails. based on all kinds of exotic fruits, they are deliciously mixed with various 'exotic' drinks. The wind care delivers great wines from Argentina, Chile, France, Portugal, Spain etc. Another asset in Restaurant Brasil is the famous Brazilian ambiance ( samba ) with live dancers Whom we also provide with special menu formulas.